100 times enjoying of CUPEED


CUPEED is a block puzzle program, uniquely developed in Korea, and it is composed of 4 sets. The number of combinations, which is liable to be completed with 333 cube, is a total of 8533, if we calculate with 'number of cases.' In particular, 216 combinations were created with E1, and E2 cube sets. (File download of '216 combinations' in the reference area.


The Content of Amys Cube



You can test your own perception of space simply with 4 questions, together with your surrounding acquaintances. You need to solve the questions, presented below within the 5 minutes. Particularly, if it is possible to solve until the fourth question within the 5 minutes, it will prove that you are differentiated from others in the ability of three-dimensional thinking.







If you pass 4 questions above, please solve the questions below, which is required for more sophisticated three-dimensional thinking (no time limit).





In addition, if you solve the question above, it is sufficient for you to challenge the event of a cash prize because you are a person who has an ability of special three-dimensional thinking. (refer to pop-up window)


Like this, CUPEED is the board game for one person uniquely in the world, which can be enjoyed alone. If so, are you able to solve 216 kinds of questions? How about challenging your limitations? Your three-dimensional thinking will be maximized in the moment when you touch the CUPEED Block.


Now, CUPEED will invite you to the world of puzzles like the magic, which reverses your common sense.



Warning: Don't start it carelessly. It can ruin your schedule.